How Popular Is Your Birthday

How Popular Is Your Birthday? (With Infographics)

To be honest, It’s not uncommon to share a birthday with many people. Let's find out how rare Is your birthday.

Have you ever wondered how popular is your birthday? In other words, how many other people were born on the same day as you? If you were born on December 25th, you share a birthday with Jesus Christ, so that’s pretty popular. But what about other dates? 

Most of us know our birthdays, and maybe even the birthdays of a few close friends and family members. But did you know that your birthday is actually a pretty popular day? I’m sure you want to find out yours. Turns out, there’s a way to find out.

I did some research to find out how different popular birthdays are, and I was surprised by what I found. Let’s not wait and find out together.

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How Rare Is My Birthday Month?

On 19th September when I was celebrating my birthday with my family, I discussed how popular our birthdays are. While some of us had birthdays that were quite popular, others had birthdays that were less. A few questions made me curious because I wanted to know the answer.

  • How popular is my birthday?
  • What is the most popular birthday?

So I got the idea to find out how popular my birthday is and was quite surprised by what I found.

  • 9 out of 10 of the most common birthdays are in September.
  • However, August is the most commmon birth month, with an average of 361,709 August babies each year in the United States.
  • February is the least common birth month, with avereage of 316,891 babies born in February annually.
  • Tuesday is the most common day of the week for births in America.
  • The highest percentage of births occur at 8 a.m. and noon.
  • There were 3,659,289 births in the United States in 2021
  • The ratio of sexes at birth is 1.05 males per 1 female in the U.S.

Source: Zippia

I’m happy because my birthday is on 19th September. That means my birthday is quite popular. But what about the other days of September? There are a few days that are more popular than others. The most popular birthday is September 9th. And the other days also have a lot of people with the same birthday as me.

Most Popular Birth Dates

Following are the days of September ranked as per birthdays.

RankBirthday (Date)Average Births Per Day
1September 9th12,301
2September 19th12,229
3September 12th12,224
4September 17th12,199
5September 10th11,889
6September 20th11,786
7September 15th11,001
8September 16th10,800
9September 18th10,500
Above days of September are most popular for birthdays.

To be honest, It’s not uncommon to share a birthday with many people. In fact, if you were born on September 9th, you share your birthday with about 3.4 million people in the United States. That’s a lot of birthdays.

Why is September the Most Popular Month for Birthdays?

Now you might be thinking what’s so special about September that makes it the most popular month for birthdays. From personal experience, I can say that September is a good time for baby making. There are a few reasons actually.

  • The most popular reason for September being the most popular month for birthdays is Christmas and new year. Because most people spend time with their families, boyfriends, girlfriends or friends during these holidays. And the best part is that you get a lot of days off from work or school. So people tend to use these holidays for giving birth or getting pregnant.
  • Another popular reason is that the weather is perfect for giving birth in September. It’s not too hot and not too cold. And also, most of the hospitals don’t have a lot of patients in September. So it’s the perfect time to give birth.
  • September is also a popular month for weddings. This means that many women who get married in September are more likely to have their babies in September.
  • Another reason September is a popular birthday month is that it starts the school year. Many parents who want their children to be born before the school year starts are likelier to have their babies in September.

Do You Share Your Birthday With Any Famous People?

Now let’s find out if you share your birthday with famous people. I looked up some of the most popular birthdays and here are some famous people who share your birthday.

Celebrities Born on September 9th

  • Adam Sandler
  • Henry Thomas
  • Kelsey Asbille
  • Michelle Williams
  • Akshay Kumar (Indian Actor)
  • Emma de Caunes
  • Cliff Robertson
  • Josh Herdman
  • Brent Stait
  • Constance Marie

Celebrities Born on September 19th

  • Jimmy Fallon
  • Lisa Cimorelli
  • Danielle Panabaker
  • Stephanie Allynne
  • Paul Williams
  • David Bamber
  • Richard Ridings
  • Rosemary Harris
  • Sara Quin
  • Kevin Zegers

As you can see, there are a lot of famous people who share your birthday. Finding out if you share your birthday with celebrities is always fun.

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What Are the Least Common Birthday Dates?

I know everyone cannot have their birthday on the same day; some days are more popular than others. So I decided to find out which days are the least popular for birthdays.

The least common birthday is December 25th. This is because it’s a leap year and not everyone is born on a leap year. And also, Christmas is a very busy time for most people who don’t have time to celebrate their birthday.

Least Popular Birthdays Month

  • December 25th
  • January 1st
  • December 24th
  • July 4th
  • January 2nd
  • December 26th
  • November 27th
  • November 23rd
  • November 25th
  • October 31st

It’s strange because the holidays are the most popular time for birthdays. Yet, the least popular days are also holidays. I guess people just don’t want to share their birthday with everyone celebrating a holiday. But whatever the reason, these are the least popular days for birthdays.

How Common Is Your Birthday? (Interactive Heat Map)

The data and statistics I shared in this article are interesting, but what if you want to know how popular your birthday is? Well, I have created an interactive heat map showing different birthdays’ popularity. Just click on the dots and it will show you how many people have the same birthday as you.

How to Calculate the Popularity of Your Birthday?

To calculate the popularity of your birthday, you’ll need to know two things.

  • The number of births in the United States in the year you were born
  • The total number of days in that year.

You can find both of these pieces of information on the U.S. Census Bureau’s website.

Once you have those numbers, simply divide the number of births by the number of days in the year. The resulting number will be a decimal between 0 and 1. To convert it into a percentage, multiply by 100. The resulting number will tell you what percentage of people in the United States were born on the same day.

So, for example, if you were born on January 1st, 1980, there were 3,762,000 births in the United States that year (according to the U.S. Census Bureau). There are 365 days in a standard year, so if we do the math (3762000/365), we get 10309.59 or about 10%. So about 10% of people in the United States were also born on January 1st.

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Number of Births in the United States from 1990 to 2020

I know that many people are interested in the number of births in the United States. So I have created a graph that shows the number of births from 1990 to 2020.

Number of Births in the United States
Number of Births in the United States

As you can see, the number of births has increased over time. This is because the population of the United States has been increasing. And also, more women are having babies at an older age.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Birth Rate

  • Niger – 47.28
  • Angola – 42.22
  • Mali – 41.60 (tie)
  • Uganda – 41.60 (tie)
  • Benin – 41.55
  • Chad – 41.05
  • Congo (Dem Rep of) – 40.53
  • South Sudan – 38.26
  • Somalia – 38.25
  • Mozambique – 38.03

Top 10 Countries with the Lowest Birth Rate

  • Monaco – 6.63
  • South Korea – 6.89
  • Andorra – 6.91
  • Japan – 7.00
  • Taiwan (limited recognition) – 7.43
  • Greece – 7.72
  • Puerto Rico – 7.90
  • Portugal – 8.02
  • Spain – 8.05
  • Bulgaria – 8.15

According to research, the birth rate for World in 2022 was 17.668 births per 1000 people, a 1.15% decline from 2021. This might be due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But there may be more reasons because one event doesn’t usually impact the birth rate.

Ending Thoughts

There are still lots of things we don’t know about birthdays. But we know that they are a special day for everyone. So make sure you celebrate your birthday and let everyone know it’s your special day.

Because this day only comes around once a year. And what’s better than celebrating your birthday with all your friends and family? Now I would love to hear from you. What is your birthday and how popular is it? Let me know in the comments below.

How Common of a Birth Date Is Each Day in the Calendar Year?

It’s something extra for those who want to know more. Have you ever wondered how common a birth date each day is in the calendar year? Well, wonder no more. I have compiled a list of the most and least common birth dates in the calendar year using Github and birth data from the US census.

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